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Professional Home Cleaning

We invest in our employees and our equipment to bring our customers a truly professional experience. Our house cleaners have been well trained to act and to clean in a professional manner. Many of our clients become repeat customers because of this fact.

Everyday Cleaning 

Imagine coming home to a clean kitchen and clean bathroom without having to come home from work and work even more. When hiring our maid service, customers don’t have to be concerned with wiping up every little drop because we do that. Our clients can smell the clean job we have performed the minute they open the door, and the smell of clean continues to waft throughout the home.

Detailed Home Cleaning

Our residential house cleaners provide detailed home cleaning upon request. Some people refer to it as spring-cleaning and others call it deep cleaning. The point is that our maid service can be adjusted to meet the customer's needs. Maybe there is a stove or another appliance that needs a lot of elbow grease to make it shine again. We can help. We will be happy to provide a quote for anything that is out of the scope of our regular cleaning services.

Green Cleaning

Customers who do not want chemicals used in their home will be happy with our green cleaning service. Simply request green cleaning when making an appointment, and we will be happy to accommodate. Green cleaning is often the choice for customers who have pets or small children, or anyone who lives a green lifestyle. Some people just like to eat and use products that are organic, and we understand that and are happy to honor green cleaning requests.

Special Occasions

When company is coming, and there is no time to clean, our customers can depend on us to do it for them. We can turn homes into showplaces, so visiting with guests can be accomplished without being exhausted from cleaning. Allow our cleaning company to clean those hard to get to spots in the home as well as the ones everyone can see. Every special occasion is different, and the last thing our customers need to worry about is a clean home with all the other details to tend to. AJ’s clients can relax and prepare for the party knowing their home will be sparkling when it comes time to host guests.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of regular professional cleaning services are many. While family members can do their part by frequently washing hands, we do our part by wiping down and disinfecting surfaces that are frequently touched. That includes doorknobs, stair rails, grab bars, and other surfaces that family and guests use on a regular basis.

Reliable Service

Our residential cleaning company provides reliable service for each and every job we schedule. Our customers know they can count on us to show up when we say we will. Our reliability also extends to the quality of the work we perform. Whether we are hired for deep cleaning or a variety of house cleaning services, our team is committed to performing quality and reliable service.

Residential House Cleaning

Our residential house cleaning services are wide and varied. If there is something you want cleaned, but it isn’t in the package we offer, let us know, and in most cases, we will be able to accommodate you. No two homes are the same, so we keep an open mind when it comes to understanding each customer’s needs. Just some of our cleaning services include:

Ceiling Fans
 Common Areas

Clean Kitchen

Kitchens can take one person several hours to clean, depending on what needs to be done. Our professional home cleaning crew can make any kitchen shimmer and shine without taking all day. Customers place their full confidence in us to ensure a clean kitchen each time we visit. Whether getting ready for the holidays or recovering from them, we make kitchens sparkle. Just some of the duties we perform in kitchens include:

Exterior cabinet wipe-downs
Counter wipe-downs
Exterior appliance wipe-downs
Dishes washed upon request
Kitchen floor swept and mopped
Trash removal
Microwaves cleaned inside & out
Wipe down sinks

Clean Bathroom

The staff at our cleaning company is well trained to make sure bathrooms are clean and sanitized. Customers can look forward to coming home to a sweet-smelling bathroom with shiny fixtures. AJ’s team actually searches for dusty and dirty areas in obvious and out-of-the-way places. Our bathroom cleaning services include:

Sink & toilet cleaning
Bathtub & shower cleaning
Floors swept and mopped
Exterior bathroom cabinet wipe-downs
Bathroom mirror cleaning
Trash removal

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident in our quality services that we guarantee customers will be satisfied, or we will make it right. We are not satisfied until our customers are 100% satisfied, and our team works hard to make that happen. Letting us know what expectations are at the outset will help guide our team to 100% satisfaction.

Referral Program

Customers who are not happy with any of our services should certainly let us know so that we can address and correct the situation. Satisfied customers who are happy can refer us to friends and receive $25 off the next cleaning. Contact us today to make your first appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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